NGO² stands for non-governmental organization for the next generation.  The mission of NGO² BambooShoot Foundation is to create positive change for Cambodia by empowering a new generation of young leaders.  We believe that in order to rebuild the country, we must invest move in the education of our youth.  For children from impoverished areas of rural Cambodia, there are numerous economic, logistical and cultural obstacles to attaining an education.   Our primary goal is to create opportunities for outstanding young students with leadership potential to attend secondary school and university.  We work to reduce the many obstacles to education by providing housing, tuition and supplies, and we train our students in the skills they need to become leaders in their communities.  Through education, we strive to alleviate poverty, improve gender equality and empower young people to take a proactive role in Khmer society.

We are working to achieve these goals through two separate projects:

1.  The Young Women Leaders Project (YWL):  Scholarship Program, Dormitory and Learning Center for Secondary School Girls

In Cambodia, female school enrollment drops dramatically after primary school.   In primary school, enrollment is around 50% but by high school only 26% of female students are enrolled and only 15% of students attending university are female (UNESCO).  This problem is especially acute for students from rural areas.  The YWL project seeks to address this problem by sponsoring outstanding female students from isolated rural areas to attend upper high school in Siem Reap City and live in an on-site dormitory. MORE…

2.  The Monastery Project: Educational Center for Human Potential Development (ECHPD)

The ECHPD is a school for male students from rural areas located at the Wat Prasat Tramneak, a Buddhist pagoda in Siem Reap city.  MORE…

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