NGO² stands for non-governmental organization for the next generation. Bambooshoot relates to the sections of the bamboo stalk that builds upon itself for its height and strength. It was the vision of co-founder Sophal Sea and was formed in 2009 to provide secondary education for rural girls whom would not otherwise have access to a High School education or University opportunities.

 In 2018 the organization started to shift its vision with the small group of girls remaining in the program and direct its attention towards plastic waste related to the water communities along the Tonle Sap. Focusing attention directly on single use plastic awareness, education and the removal of plastic from the great Lake. Highlighted in this education is the 5r’s as they pertain to single use and other related plastic waste, REDUCE, REPLACE, REUSE, RECYCLE and REFUSE.

Starting with educating and empowering our own NGO2 Bambooshoot girls to be “Eco Warriors” against the problem of single use plastic the program shifted to informing others about the harms of single use plastic to the environment in Cambodia. This has been done by providing workshops in schools, at youth groups and local Government committees. Two annual Festivals have also been established to raise awareness in the villages in the Northern section of the Tonle Sap. As part of these festivals planned clean ups are scheduled related to the rising and falling of the Lake. NGO2 is fully committed to helping protect one of the most bio-diverse bodies of water on the planet through education, raised awareness and problem solving for those that make their home along the Lake.